September 27, 1988


I am;

follow My instructions given to you and let Me speak; stay bare-footed, 1 a nobody; recognise My levelled Path; My Path is straight, so do not look to your left nor to your right; I have indeed initiated you in My mysteries, I have chosen you to be My Tablet, I have led you bare-footed into My House to meet Peter;

My Message of Peace and Love will disarm My enemies; just wait and see, I have not yet finished My Works; My House is in ruin today, but the worst is yet to come;

the Cains, living in My Body and who are the thorns in My Head, full of boast, will endeavour to slaughter My Abels, these Abels who understand My Spirit and love Me sincerely; but I tell you truly that their boasts will turn into mourning and My Fire will burn these unfaithful servants, for what have they to offer Me now? they tread upon My Spirit, led by their own desires and bigotry; their unfaithfulness leads them astray and they cannot see clear anymore;

Vassula, write down your question since this question is in many of you;

Lord, are there no good servants left anymore? Servants who love You truly and are sincere?

there are only a few left who really love Me and only a handful who understand My Spirit, these souls are soothing My Wounds and My Sacred Heart is their Home;

Lord, what about laymen?

in these too very few are left who believe in Me and who believe in My Providential Works, but the majority has abandoned Me, their God; and in the depths of My Sacred Heart lies the lance’s blade, this blade which is the cause of so much bleeding; today, I am telling you that he is part of the cause of My sufferings; I, the Lord, will come upon him by surprise; I will suddenly, without anyone expecting Me, enter My Temple; these days are numbered; I will descend like Lightning, purifying Jerusalem, which will fall into a heap of dust, dragging with her all those who do not love Me; I mean to be her Judge and judge her severely;

but all those who remained faithful under My Holy Name, I, the Lord, will raise and place them into My New Jerusalem; they need not fear, since they were following My instructions and My Law; although they were suppressed and their cries to Me muffled by My enemies, I still heard them; My Eyes never left those saints; they feared Me, they praised Me, keeping faithful to My Word, sharing all the resources I had given them and doing good works that please Me;

beloved creation, you are living in the End of Times, 2 I had warned you that in these times there are going to be people who sneer at religion, suppressing the Spirit of prophecy, ridiculing the visionaries, so that they can follow their own deceitful doctrines for wickedness; their skills turned into perverted inventions leading them astray; lovers of evil, they cannot retain any purity of mind; like Folly they are drawn into devious ceremonies and black masses, worshipping Satan; either that or they lead lives of great wickedness, for their ignorance is such that just by that alone they condemn their own lives; since they have closed their ears and refuse to see the Truth, acknowledging Me their God, their sin has drawn them into depravity, and rottenness of their very soul;

it has also been said, that in your times, only a remnant of My servants would remain faithful to Me, preaching the gospel as it should be preached, and that many would fall into rationalism, betraying Me with disloyalty; this rationalism made a desert of My Church, bringing It into a ruin where vipers nestled within Its depths;

for those who defile My Name and who sit enthroned in earthly glory satisfying their thirst of money, seeking their own interests and not Mine, I call out in the wilderness you have made, for you to come to Me and repent before the day of purification; I, the Lord, warn you not to suppress My Spirit of Truth who speaks through this weak instrument; I solemnly request My Church to remember the conditions I and My disciples worked in and where our heads rested; palaces we had none! none! palaces were for kings, but not for Me nor My disciples!

Lord, those whom You mean and who recognise themselves would not like hearing this part and it will be one more reason for them to suppress this message.

true, some of them would not like hearing My words; they stifle Me and My House, with their vain-glory; My House and I suffocate with their perjuries; I have no space to breathe, they have shut all the windows of My House and My Light cannot penetrate nor can My Spirit blow within to clean the air; these souls are like salt that lost their taste; they are like stained glass, preventing My Light from penetrating in them, preventing My Holiness from purifying them;

Satan’s vapours are like mist these days, penetrating through keyholes and between hinges; since his vapours are deadly, I solemnly request that you redouble your sacrifices and your prayers; tremendous reparations have to be made by those who love Me; Satan in his fury has redoubled his works against My Church this year; in the Marian year he chose to split a section of My Church; I had foretold you of this schism and that in the middle of it all you were to descend into My House;

take My Hand now and walk with Me; share My Cross, My Vassula; My Works are not yet finished; be in Peace, I, the Lord, give you My Peace, child; remember, smile at My Presence, never ever forget My Presence; tell Me a Kyrie eleison; please Me, I have given you so much!

Yes My Lord;
You have given me so much,
I love You Holy of Holies,
You have given me so many good things
that I want to proclaim them all, all the time,
but they are more than I can count;
You opened my ear to hear You,
You raised me from the dead,

may Your love and faithfulness constantly preserve me,
may You do all what You’ve done to me,
to my brothers too,
let them share too Lord.

My child, I am calling all of you, I am seeking each one of you, allow Me to enter your hearts and I will heal each one of you;

come, rest now; I am with you always, never forget this!

1 Humble and simple.
2 End of one epoch, not the end of the world.