September 18, 1988

My God? 1

I am; love Me, do not fear Me; fear Me only if you rebel against Me;

every drop of love is used to liberate souls from purgatory, by loving Me fervently you extinguish their fires, 2 liberating them from their agony; then I, the Lord, can receive them finally; so love Me, desire Me, worship Me, liberate them one after the other;

mankind has to understand that love assimilates the Powers of Heaven and is the Key to freedom and life; do you now understand why Satan hates you? My Vassula, lean on Me, all is not in vain;

we, us?

Forever and ever.

1 I love God to the point I feel like a widow here on earth.
2 While Jesus was saying this, I saw a scene of some soul’s hands, which were ablaze, become extinguished.