September 24, 1988

My God?

I am; remember that I am Spirit, and all I have I share with your spirit; you and I are one, linked in union of Love, bound to each other in Love; I, your God, and you, My little one; I, your Creator, and you, My creature,

let those whose hearts have hardened be reminded that My Heart sanctifies; let them know that I call even nameless people, people without virtues, without any merits; I transform the stone-hearted and raise them from nothing at all; I come unexpectedly among the dead and can raise them all up; look at yourself, Vassula; your merits were none, yet out of great pity, I raised you; now you know what True Life In God means; I Am the Life;

glorify Me My child, never rebel against Me; keep in mind My instructions;


I am;

There is one thing bothering me. There is one who says that I’m in constant sin, since I’m divorced and married again. That is why he says that surely this revelation, it is not You who gives it, my God, because of my constant sin.

let the man without sin announce himself to Me! let him come forward and show his face to Me;

Yes, My God. Help me: I do not know how to answer these statements, by these people.

do not; come quickly to Me; your Father is caring for you; we, us, child?

Forever and ever, amen.

Wisdom loves children;