September 15, 1988

(Holy Mother of Sorrows)


I am;

How is it that so many ecclesiastics do not appreciate Your Merciful Signs that You are giving us these days? Lord, do You know what they are saying? They say that this is not Real Faith. In other words, they say: “We are already converted without signs, so we can do without them. So God, do not give us any more. We are not interested in such extraordinary things.” Instead of them falling FLAT with their face to the ground and crying out to You: “Glory be to God! Praised be the Lord! for Your Boundless Mercy! You are indeed fulfilling the Scriptures!” What is Real Faith to them if they push away the Spirit? They argue by saying, “Remember what Jesus said to Thomas: ‘Happy are those who have not seen but still believe …'” Have they forgotten what Scripture also says: “Never try to suppress the Spirit, or treat the Gift of Prophecy with contempt”? And the Spirit blows where It wills. When these people argue they do not seem to realise that they are only arguing with You, My Lord.

My child, cry out loudly to the nations, shout! so that everyone may hear:

here is your God! our God is with us, He has never abandoned us, He has come like a Shepherd to feed His flock and gather His lambs in His arms, for His Kingdom is at hand;”

My little flock I shall feed, and gather with great love all of them, in My arms;

They do not care for Your Signs. They hear of them and file them away. They seem to want to tell You to stop Your Signs.

nobody needs to advise Me; I need not one of these counsellors, for their wisdom is shame to Me; do I not know how to measure you and know how to feed you? alas! only a remnant of you is left who welcome My Spirit; have they understood how by having an antagonistic spirit they have failed Me? and, by having failed Me, failed to see The Truth?

does the clay say to its fashioner, “what are you making?” receive humbly what you get from the Spirit, accepting My Works and Its mysteries; I willed to augment My Signs in your days, so receive with joy what you get from the Spirit; rejoice and receive Me, be glad instead of turning your backs to Me; face Me and recognise Me! do not suppress My Spirit, welcome Me instead! alas for you who suppress My Spirit, alas for you blind guides, bloated with Vanity, you have made a desolation out of My Holy Church! seek The Truth by examining yourselves to make sure that you are in The Real Faith!

altar! I, the Lord, will keep your flame ablaze until the end; My Works are not yet finished; come now, we? us?

Forever, amen.