September 14, 1988

(The exaltation of the Holy Cross)


I am; listen to My Voice; I cry out in this wilderness; all those who will listen I will exalt and their sins will be washed away and forgotten like running waters;

woe to those who will shut their ears! and alas! there will be many among you who erred but who will not listen to Me who is The Way; you have forsaken Me; you have erred in Error for so long now, inhaling only Satan’s smoke, and my Name is meaningless to you now; you are like shadows on earth, yet, in your wickedness you have reversed the Truth, helped by Satan; you have eclipsed Me with evolution;

I have given you so many warnings, I have foretold you of these days; I have out of My Boundless Mercy given you signs, but, nevertheless, you preferred to close your eyes upon My Mercy; guides! who know My Word and minister for Me and who recognise the End of Times, 1 recognising that It is at hand, but stand by at the Graces I am showering on you out of sheer cowardice, putting honour before men, seek to understand and look once more into the hidden mysteries of My proverbs; I solemnly ask you to beg for the Holy Spirit of understanding to descend upon you for a deeper perception of Knowledge;

the days are numbered and your souls too; be prepared, remove this veil which My adversary laid upon your eyes, for so long as your vanity remains, so will your guilt remain upon you; humble yourselves and accept My Ways; respond to My Voice which cries in agony in this wilderness; 2

come My child, lean on Me, together … together, we will share My agony;

Yes, My Lord. I want to share.

we, us;


1 In Scriptures.
2 When Jesus said these words, He made me also share His agony. Jesus is suffering enormously …