September 12, 1988

My Lord!

I am; trust Me;1

I am always with you; every soul has not been given the grace you have obtained by My Will; yet, how often will you doubt? believe …

leave those who pull on you, their hearts are closed and they live in darkness; why follow a blind man wandering deeper into the wilderness? I am the One and Only you are to follow, so open your ear since you can hear; try and understand, feel My Presence; why are you looking away when you see Me? follow My gaze, child, yes! 2 you see? you can if you try; betrothed! please Me, reflect on all I have given you and honour Me,

Lord, I’m terribly weak!

pray for your weakness and I shall not wait; I will lift you, My beloved; eat My Body, write it;

(Jesus allows me to write that when He said, “eat My Body”, I remembered that the night before I dreamt that I detached Jesus’ whole Body from a crucifix (20cm length) I have, and ate all His Body, leaving the crucifix bare.)

I have given you this vision; you must eat My Body; I have offered you My Body; drink My Blood, I want you to drink My Blood too;

Vassula, do you want to know why you doubt sometimes? it is because you are living, you, as My rose, in a desert; a rose never survives in a desert, not unless it is given extraordinary attention and care; all its surrounding affects it; I am your Keeper who never takes away His Eyes from you, for fear the scorching winds should burn you; I watch over you constantly, keeping a close look upon you; I chase away your enemies, lest they tread upon you; I check that you lack nothing; I prune you when I must and fertilise your soil;

betrothed of My Soul, I just want to remind you not to despair, for I, the Lord, am your Keeper and will never abandon you in this desert, so trust Me and do not let this wilderness frighten you; have My Peace, I will help you to augment your faith in Me since you want it;

feed on Me; we, us?


and ever,

We, us, Ma?

yes; we, us; be always near Jesus;

Yes, Mother. I want to be.


1 I said to Jesus, “What a grace these people had to live at your time on earth!”
2 As soon as God said, “child”, I sensed Him, I sensed His Presence and my heart leaped with joy!