September 6, 1988


I am; I had warned you, My child, of this betrayal;

come, lean on Me; let it be known how meaningless are the arguments of those who tell you that this does not come from Me; their zeal is misguided; they do not seem to see clear My Righteousness and are only declaring their own ideas;

Scripture says: “the footsteps of those who bring good news is a welcome sound”, and for those who are surprised at the kind of instruments I choose, Scripture says: “I have been found by those who did not seek Me and have revealed Myself to those who did not consult Me;”

He has a good argument though; I really am the wrong person to have this ‘gift’. I’m no good. Yet my friend, Beatrice, asked him, “What about Mary Magdalene?” He replied, “Ah yes, but she got converted later on”. So he believes I’m not converted?

be in peace! I have placed you in My Sacred Heart;

Had he lived 2000 years back, he would have participated in stoning me, as a sinner.

I would not have allowed this, I would have said those same words I once said, “let the one without sin throw the first stone”; open your hearts! not your minds!

Vassula, lean on Me, your Saviour; pray for those whose hearts remain closed; pray for those who shut their ears;

Yes, Lord.

prepare yourself for the rest of My Passion; remember, I have shown you the size of your cross;

Yes, Lord.

but you and I will share it together; all will not be in vain; I will help you accomplish your mission, then … to Me you will fly, yes! 1

come, I am Present; we, us?

Yes, Lord.

(Later on:)

My Lord?

I am, look into My Eyes and do not look left or right; look at Me, your Lord; I am the Way, the Truth and the Life Everlasting; remember with what great love I have taught you My Word; and all that you know, you know, from Me;

all My Kingdom is filled with wonders; I am the Alpha and the Omega, love Me … treat Me as a King by offering Me every drop of love you have; I created you to love Me; let all the love you have, be just for Me; 2 I know how weak and miserable you are without Me, but I also know that I have in My Hands a mere child and a nothing where My Spirit can freely breathe in this space you are giving Me; allow My Spirit to mould and form you, all that you learn comes from Wisdom and I am Wisdom;

September 7, 1988

Praised be the Lord!
Blessed be our Lord!
Glory be to God!
I love you Father to death.


I am; My child, listen, will you continue working for Me, your Lord?

If You want me as I am.

I want you, your ineffable weakness attracts Me; come and absorb from Me;

alive and healed! you have seen the Truth face to face, I healed you, I converted you, I have lifted you and placed you in My Sacred Heart; I blessed you and what I have begun with you I will finish; you will remain in My Hall and will be fed by Me alone; I have veiled your eyes to keep you away from evil, I would not want you to become elated by all these graces I am giving you; I have offered you My Sacred Heart to be your Home, creep in Its depths, hide in Its depths and never come out of It; I, your Saviour will keep you hidden in there till the end;

Thank You, Lord.

September 9, 1988

Lord, I trust You. What I have learnt, I learnt from You only. But Lord, many ecclesiastics are mocking me, they refuse to believe it’s You. They push away Your Works, the visions of children, apparitions, revelations. All are trodden upon. They want You SILENT. Please, do not stand aside, My God. Come quickly to us and help us, Lord our Saviour! Lord?

I am; Vassula, My advice for those who oppress you is, “unless you become like children again, you will be unable to penetrate into My Kingdom”; My child, the time will come when every vision will be proclaimed as true; I have said, that there will be no empty vision, no deceitful prophecy in My Church; what I said, will soon come true, since what I pronounce I will fulfil in your own lifetime;

Thank You, Lord.

we, us?

Forever, amen.

1 Jesus seemed happy.
2 By learning to love God we learn to love one another too.