September 5, 1988

(Since early this morning the Lord was telling me that soon I will be rejected by some local priests.)

Lord, am I really going to be rejected again by some priests? Lord?

I am; fear not, soon everything will come to light and all those who rejected you, refusing to believe in My Message, will pray to the Father for forgiveness;

Vassula, had they been ‘blind’ I would have healed them, but they are claiming they can ‘see’; they descend from those same blind-guides of the time I was on earth; My child, had they lived at the time I was on earth they would be among those who crucified Me, they would be sharing their work, they would be among those who stoned the prophets and silenced them; why, what difference is there now and then? they are claiming to believe in Me, but reject what comes from the Spirit, thus rejecting Me again; you come from Me with My Message, but as the scribes and Pharisees they demand proofs, solid proofs;

prepare yourself, My child, prepare your back for scourging; I, the Lord allowed them to scourge My back, so offer yours to them too; let them repeat their mistakes since they refuse to hear; I, the Lord, was rejected and in the end nailed to the wood, so be pliant too and share My Cross; today is like yesterday; whoever I send, they scrutinise, they persecute or reject; the blood of those I send is continually being shed, from the blood of Abel to this generation!

as I have warned the scribes and Pharisees, I warn today those who persecute My Messengers and condemn My Word; I warn those who laugh the Spirit off; I tell them once more that, “your own evidence tells against you, not one of you has changed, your works remain the same, your way of thinking tells against you; guides! who preach spiritual messages and yet ignore what comes from the Spirit! guides! who feed My lambs My Flesh, but keep away My Blood!1 have you forgotten My instructions?”

My Vassula, I will let you feel My thorns, I will let you feel how rationalism is reigning in the hearts of these sacerdotals, I will expose you to them; I am feeding you My Bread; be one with Me, feel My thorns and let them be your thorns too; let each nail pierce your soul as they pierced Me; I have warned you, be prepared now for the scourging; remember though, that My Back is also exposed to them and whatever they do to you, they are also doing to Me;

we, us?

Yes, Lord.

(Three hours later I got the news: one of the priests who I trusted and who I thought believed in God’s Message ‘betrayed’ me. He did not believe at all but pretended he did all along. He simply said: “God does not reveal Himself in this way, not to this sort of person.” This hurt a lot because I thought he understood and was a friend. I lost a ‘friend’… This news I got from another friend.)

1 All what’s underlined was said in anger and shouting.