September 7, 1988

Praised be the Lord!
Blessed be our Lord!
Glory be to God!
I love you Father to death.


I am; My child, listen, will you continue working for Me, your Lord?

If You want me as I am.

I want you, your ineffable weakness attracts Me; come and absorb from Me;

alive and healed! you have seen the Truth face to face, I healed you, I converted you, I have lifted you and placed you in My Sacred Heart; I blessed you and what I have begun with you I will finish; you will remain in My Hall and will be fed by Me alone; I have veiled your eyes to keep you away from evil, I would not want you to become elated by all these graces I am giving you; I have offered you My Sacred Heart to be your Home, creep in Its depths, hide in Its depths and never come out of It; I, your Saviour will keep you hidden in there till the end;

Thank You, Lord.