August 29, 1988


I am, peace be with you;

realise how much I favoured you by rising you to Me; My Vassula, I want to remind My teachers of My Superabundant Love; I want to remind them that I am meek and gentle, full of tenderness; I teach with love, I taught you with love, I raised you with love, docility and patience; I have often asked you if you willed to continue My Works; I, the Lord, respected your freedom, I never pressed you, I was never harsh to you; I fed you with love and so much tenderness; I have taught My disciples to follow My Ways of teaching and to expand this method of teaching; I taught them to direct My lambs to Me with gentleness and love;

how is it that today My Ways of teaching have been forgotten? how is it that My House has become a recreation of aridity and inflexibility, losing all that was divine? My House today lies barren, lax with human regulations and human thinking, it lies in desolation! My House is being ruled with rules that ‘freedom’ means nothing anymore;

My Vassula, My dove, you are free because you are with Me, I am your Master; I guide you but with freedom, I never forced you to work for Me anytime, I never came imposing My works on you; My manner is totally different from all those who have the responsibility of others; I, who am Lord and reign over you, always approached you using these words: “allow Me to …”;

My House has to change, My House has to remember My Ways; I Am Love;