August 26, 1988

(I was invited to meet some extremist Muslims and meet their two imams and sheikh. I went to their place with a theologian friend of mine. The whole thing was arranged to condemn me and secretly exorcise me, which they did; finding no evil spirit in me they lost their temper and became very aggressive, especially when I received a message for them, a love message.

Finding me in total calmness, it infuriated them even more and they accused me of being a liar and deceiver. They said that You, My Lord are “not a God of Love”. I and the theologian friend calmly got up and left them. Had we not been in Switzerland they would have killed us.)


My Vassula, Love comes first; I am a God of Love; remember how I taught you that Love is The Root? I have given you an example of a good tree bearing good fruits; this tree is The Perfect Tree, because its root is Love; its branches are all virtues and they are all good; without the Root of Love, this tree will have no virtues and thus no fruit; when you see a tree which is barren or its fruit rotten, know, My child, that its root is made out of the most vile evils existing;

I tell you solemnly, that the Root of all virtues is called LOVE; I am Love, I am The Root who nourishes you, embellishing you; come and be in Me and you will live forever!