February 10, 1987

Vassula it is I, Jesus Christ; I am with you, beloved; do you know that I am guiding you through Hades? 1 have no fear, My light is on you, protecting you from evil; having you exposed in Hades many souls are healing;

I have taught you to love Me; love Me, your love for Me is healing them; 2 I use your love as a remedy to cure them; heal them Vassula, heal them; you are bearing My Cross with Me, Vassula; these works are heavenly works that My Father is revealing to you, many heavenly works are still hidden and are but mysteries to you;

Many people will not accept this, Jesus. They will blame it on my fantasy.

Vassula, how many among them have understood fully My Father’s works on earth?

Many Works are not understood and are still mysteries to us.

how then will they understand what is heavenly?

Vassula, all Wisdom is given to mere children; My Father delights in children; be happy, daughter, and praise My Father for being good to you; daughter, be His bearer and glorify Him; do not worry, I am guiding you; work in this way; I am your Teacher;

I will continue forming you, beloved; I am forming you as well as My other children; go in peace and remember that you are guided by Me; hear Me, I love you and I want you to be with Me;

Vassula, I am pleased that your faith has augmented; purify yourself by eating Me and drinking Me;

I will, Jesus. I will go to receive Holy Communion.

come to Me, all My love covers you; I love you child;

Jesus, I love You and I’ll fight for You.

fight I do not want! for I am Peace and you will work with peace, for Peace;

fill Me with joy remaining as close to Me as possible; will you kiss My feet?

(I took a picture of Jesus and kissed His Feet.)

I love you, go in peace;

1 Purgatory. (My soul is ‘exposed’ in purgatory. By loving God, souls can be liberated from purgatory. Prayers liberate souls from purgatory too.)
2 Extinguishing their fires.