February 9, 1987

peace be with you; I love you child; I am Yahweh; I have chosen you mainly because I willed it but also because you are so helpless;

I love you, Father, very much.

I know and I love you too, daughter; hear Me, have you felt as happy as now, before you loved Me?

No, never!

love Me Vassula; it is I who taught you how to love Me; are you willing to progress?

Yes, Father, so that I am able to glorify you. I want to do all what you ask because I do want You glorified.

Vassula, I will progress you; I want to warn you of evils; they1 hate you and are constantly setting traps for you; I am near you guarding you, so do not fear;

Vassula, I love you and I love all My children, My love is like a consuming flame constantly ablaze; My love is a jealous love; I thirst for love; fear not, for it is Love I am talking about little one; I hold you and your littleness delights Me; little one, through your frailty I will manifest My appeal for Peace and Love; I will fill you with My words; I will breathe into you My revelations; little one cling to Me, trust Me and love Me with fervour;

let them know, tell them of My love I have for them;

1 The demons.