August 17, 1988

My Lord?

I am; I am your Redeemer, so trust Me; I have come through you to give My Message of universal Peace and Love and show to all My creation My Sacred Heart and how I love you;

O Vassula! My Mercy is Great upon all of you! dearest souls, the time for your purification is drawing near; what I will do is out of love, your purification will be to save you from the gates of hell; I will descend upon you like Lightning and renew you with My Fire; My Spirit of Love will redeem you by drawing you into Love and consume you into a living flame of love; I will let My Spirit pour out of heaven and purify your blemished souls into holy spotless souls, purifying you as gold is purified in fire; you will recognise the Time of Salvation and when My Spirit of Love will descend; unless this happens you will not see the New Heavens, nor the New Earth I foretold you;

My child, by My Fire, by My Love, by My Mercy and by My Justice, My seeds1 will sprout and open like new lilies which face the sun, seeking My Light and My Dew; and I will pour from My Heavens My Light, embellishing you, and My Dew, nourishing you, to see a new era of Love;

by My Power, I will sweep away all iniquity, perversion and evil; I will descend upon you like a violent torrent of cleansing waters and wash away all your evil and leave you standing upright as columns of pure gold;

with My Torrents of Fervent Love, I will sweep away all that is false and faked; just like clay is washed away with a few drops of rain, so will My Spirit of Sublime Love wash away your sins which blemished your soul;

I, your Saviour, will renew you creation and offer you My Gift; My Gift will descend from Heaven, 2 A Glittering New Jerusalem, A Renovated Church, Pure and Holy, because I, who was, is and is to come will be living in Her midst and in Her very Soul; you will all feel Her, palpitating and alive, because My Sacred Heart will be throbbing within Her;

I, the Lord of Lords, am like on fire, 3 and My Sacred Heart is in ardent Flames, so eager with desire to enwrap you all, thrusting you in My Furnace of Love and leaving you ablaze in total rapture and ecstasy of love for Me, your Beloved God!

yes, I will make out of each one of you a living altar, ablaze with My Fire; O creation! when My Fire will enkindle your hearts you will finally cry out to Me:

“You are the-One-God-and-Only, the Just One, you are indeed the Lamb, You are our Heavenly Father, how could we have been so blind? O Holy of Holies, be-in-us, live-in-us; come, O Saviour!”

and to this cry of yours, I will not hesitate; I will descend upon you as quick as lightning and live among you; and you, beloved ones, will realise that, from The Beginning, you were My own and My seed;

I will then be among you and will reign over you with an everlasting love; I will be your God and you, My own; dearest soul, treat Me as your King, crown Me with your love;

we, us, come;

1 Seeds: us.

2 The Lord gave me an intellectual vision of millions of angels descending from heaven and holding a new city, like on a platter. A New Blessed Church was descending from heaven.

3 The Lord seemed very impatient, ‘on fire’.