August 16, 1988


I am, never doubt, it is I, Jesus Christ; I have called you from My Cross, I have called you in My Agony to show you how I, Who am the Head of My Church, is to be found today; the Image of Myself lying Dead in My Mother’s Arms1 is a symbolic way of showing you all how your apostasy betrayed My Church;

you see, daughter I led you to see the correct image of the present Church; you have seen on My Mother Her sorrow and you saw in Her Arms My Dead Body, betrayed, bruised, scourged, pierced and crucified, and this is exactly how My Church of today is to be found; My Mother weeps over Her with Tears of Blood, as She wept over My Body on Golgotha, but in a very short time She2 will be renewed, transfigured and resurrected as I, the Lord, was Resurrected; She will no longer lie in this deplorable state; My enemies had destroyed My Temple, but with My Power descending from Above and with My Grace, I, the Lord, rebuilt My Temple in just three days;

I promise you that My Church will revive and I will have Her renewed and transfigured as I was Transfigured; I will rebuild My Temple and Integrity will be Her loincloth round Her waist, and Faithfulness the belt about Her hips; 3 and Purity will be Her Torch, to lead all those who defiled My Name, in Her Light and purify them; for I, the Lord of Lords, the Lamb, will be living in Her and She will be received by Her own, as I was received by My own after My Resurrection; then, like a mother who comforts her child, I too will comfort you even more; I will enfold My Arms around you with so much love;

ah, beloved children, I am preparing you a New Heaven and a New Earth to live in, an Earth replenished by fruits that come from the Tree of Life; Its fruits will bear the names of Peace, Holiness, and Love since Its Root4 is Love; you will then face Me, your God, filled by My Holy Spirit as in the first Pentecost; My Spirit will fill you with Love…My Garden I will embellish; I will irrigate My flower-beds; My Dew of Righteousness will descend upon you, beloved ones, and My Light will strengthen your stems, making discipline shine out;

courage, daughter; courage, beloved ones; I know it is hard to live in wilderness, but the End of these Times5 are soon with you; soon I will descend to purify you; I, the Lord, solemnly tell you, that I will seize you by surprise, inducing My Light upon you; My Heavens will shake the earth and all those who love Me will glorify Me, bending their knee, and many will remember Me and return to Me; this will be known as the Great Conversion of the Church;

but, to My great sorrow, there will be those stubborn souls who blasphemed My Holy Name and who battle on My adversary’s side; these souls will reject Me even more; when this happens, Satan will wipe them away, pulling them with him into the Eternal Fire;

Vassula, feel My Sacred Heart … I suffer beyond human words to have to tell you this, for I Am a God of Love, a God of Mercy, but I am also a God of Justice and I have to be your Judge when My creation rebels against Me; My Soul is wounded and My Blood is gushing out in Rivers; I love you all! but you have wounded Me; I am your Holy One, but you pierced Me; I am your Saviour who today cries from My Cross to you: come back to Me! return to Me! come and be holy as I Am Holy!

come, child, I am with you; keep Me in your heart and rest Me, be one with Me;

Yes, My Lord. I adore You.

adore Me and rest Me, I am so Weary …

Us, we, Lord?

yes; us, we, for eternity;


(Later on:)

(St. Mary:)

Vassula, be intimate with Me; call Me Mama, have My peace; I love you;

I love You too. Teach me to love You more.

Vassula, I have placed you in My Sacred Heart;

Lord, thank You for giving me this grace of meeting You and feeling you and seeing You.

this is My gift to you; nevertheless, do not forget that this gift is given to you for My interests and My Glory; caress Me with your love; fragrance Me with your love; console Me with your love; glorify Me, your Lord, with your love; lift your mind to Me and Me alone; I Am the One and Only who counts; I Am Everything, I Am the Eternal, the Alpha and the Omega, I Am He-Who-Saves, your Creator; I Am the Holy of Holies, I Am the Spirit of Love, so come to Me; I know how frail you are, come to Me and love Me; I will always remind you that I Am your God;

no matter how weak and wretched you are, My Strength will sustain you; dearest soul, remember one more thing, remember that I need no one; I suffice by Myself to accomplish My Works, but I love sharing My Works with My creation; so look at Me and rejoice, soul, for having favoured you; there are many who would have longed to see what you see and never saw it, hear what you hear but never heard it, feel what you feel and never felt it, so rejoice, soul! rejoice! cover Me with praises, crown Me with wreaths of Love; fragrance Me with incense, adorn Me with your childish words of love; bless Me, your Lord, and worship Me, beloved one;

My Bread you will always have from Me, and plentiful too; I will nourish your soul; I am your Saviour and I promise you that I will always be near you in this special way to the end;

Wisdom gives her resources not only to the just, but also to the unjust; come;

1 The statue of St. Mary and Jesus after the Crucifixion in San Sylvestro, Rome.

2 The Church.

4 The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the Root of David – Rv. 5:5. This understanding was given to me later on, on September 1, 1988.

5 Times of Apostasy.