December 10, 1992

(Adelaide – Australia)

(Before the meeting.)

feel happy that I have saved you; allow Me now to use you for My glory; bring My children to understand the Knowledge I have passed on to you; carry on the way you proceeded in the other assemblies; smile at Me, My Love for you is greater than you think! come, by grace I lifted you and millions of others, allow Me now to guide your step, ic;


I Am;

Do not go yet!

why? Do you wish Me to remain? 1 ah, you see? I will never impose Myself on you ….


I Am;

Speak to me please.

Love loves you; love Me and thirst for Me as I thirst for you; caress Me now and then by allowing Me to speak in your heart; understand, soul, that you are not meant for this world but My Own Kingdom in Heaven, so renounce all that holds you to the world and look for heavenly things;

come; we, us?

Yes, Lord!

1 I could not answer Him. Jesus as a rule asked me to be with Him for half an hour before any meeting. Today I had come late. Time was pressing and I wanted to get ready too.