December 9, 1992

peace be with you; favoured by My Father, be My Echo!

establish My Kingdom in Australia, sow My seeds of Love everywhere and in all directions; do not delay and answer to all requests given you; I will give you enough strength to promulgate My Message ….

demonstrate the convincing power of My Spirit; demonstrate how My Spirit uplifts, instructs and reveals the depths of the Truth and of the Eternal God; demonstrate to the unlearned the reality of spiritual things given by the Spirit and uncover the Knowledge given by My Spirit; demonstrate the full power of My Spirit, how He develops, testifies and gratifies the poor, the simple, the humble but shies away from the rich, the wise, the proud who assess My Spirit with their natural understanding and evaluate everything in terms of their spirit; Vassula, evaluate your spiritual growth and do not doubt of My grace;

I, Jesus, am your Teacher and Master; never doubt; ic, have My Peace;

December 10, 1992

(Adelaide – Australia)

(Before the meeting.)

feel happy that I have saved you; allow Me now to use you for My glory; bring My children to understand the Knowledge I have passed on to you; carry on the way you proceeded in the other assemblies; smile at Me, My Love for you is greater than you think! come, by grace I lifted you and millions of others, allow Me now to guide your step, ic;


I Am;

Do not go yet!

why? Do you wish Me to remain? 1 ah, you see? I will never impose Myself on you ….


I Am;

Speak to me please.

Love loves you; love Me and thirst for Me as I thirst for you; caress Me now and then by allowing Me to speak in your heart; understand, soul, that you are not meant for this world but My Own Kingdom in Heaven, so renounce all that holds you to the world and look for heavenly things;

come; we, us?

Yes, Lord!

1 I could not answer Him. Jesus as a rule asked me to be with Him for half an hour before any meeting. Today I had come late. Time was pressing and I wanted to get ready too.