July 26, 1988


My Church has been wounded savagely … and in a short time Ecclesia’s Foundation will be shaken; this will be followed by the extirpation of all those who caused Her Wounds and who accumulated in My Body with intention of harming It;

Her Tribulations have just started; Jerusalem’s walls will tumble down into a heap of dust so that My New Jerusalem can be rebuilt; it is I, the Lord who will construct her again; I will renew Her walls, I will embellish her so that you may all live under her new roof; under a new heaven and a new earth; and Love will return to you as love, living among you; I will be your God and under My Name you will all live peacefully; your spirit will be filled with holiness and purity;

yes, Vassula, I will descend from above like Lightning renewing her entirely; tribulations there will be many because they have made desolate My House; they have plundered It; do you understand, Vassula? it is like a Master of a House who entrusts His household to His servants … although they had been given strict orders to keep His House in order and watch for burglars, they disobeyed His orders by their nonchalance and carelessness; in His return, He would find that His servants are asleep and in their sleep His House plundered; His valuables robbed; these servants disobeyed and rebelled against His Orders, and these same servants will be taken care of in a severe way when the Master returns;

on My Return I will find My House in ruin and My Fundamental elements missing; My lambs I will find dispersed and starved to death; ah, Vassula, how much will I have to repair … thorns and briars are replacing the lilies and roses I had planted by My Own Hand; they have choked My flowers one after the other; they have grown with Satan’s help to encircle and trap My Flower; 1 they are getting closer daily and are so near now to molest him and feel their poisonous sting; those thorns will suffocate him; 2 Peter is trapped and stands helpless in their midst;


Yes, Holy Mother.

(Our Lady came.)

believe, for all this is happening; My Son’s Body will bleed even more profusely; Peter’s end is near; Love is missing;

1 Pope John Paul II.

2 It is interesting to know that the Pope, before dying, had serious respiratory problems.