July 27, 1988


I am; please Me and discern Me; I am present; I am listening; I am among you; try;

I’m trying.

try harder; follow My instructions and keep Me locked in your heart;

Yes, Lord.

everything you do, do it for Me and Me only; come I will remind you now and then of My Presence; do not have the slightest doubt, try and perceive what I have given you as work; work humbly, leaning on Me entirely; efface yourself totally so that only I may be seen; allow My Spirit to breathe in your nothingness; delight Me in this way; all that I have given you is Mine; detach yourself entirely from this world so that you feel Me and thus be Mine completely; I, the Lord, am your Teacher and My Words come from Wisdom;

we, us? together, with your Holy Family;

Yes, Lord. Yes, Holy Mother.