June 3, 1987

(I was attacked ‘in writing’ by evil again. It was like cats which jumped on my back, I was “fed up” with them, it seemed like “all hell broke loose”; they annoyed me so I said to one of them: “In the name of Jesus Christ leave and be thrown in fire.” It left. There were several of these and one by one was treated the same way as the first one with the same words. Jesus told me: “Ask in My Name and it shall be done, but you must have faith in what you ask, work in this way, pray and ask, pray in My Name; work in My Name, ask in My Name, revive My Name, be My reflection, synchronise with Me, lift your head towards Me, believe in what you ask;”

He told me that the demons fear me, I’m a menace to them. Later on I realised where I was, I felt my feet in wet and slimy mud, and in a flash I recognised the surroundings of hell. It was just a flash. I then understood why so much evil interference was there today in writing. Jesus said when I asked about this: “Could it have been anywhere else?” We were together passing at the gates1 of hell, healing souls, wrenching them away from Satan’s gates. “Vassula, allow Me to use you in this way too; This is part of your work too;”)

1 Lowest purgatory closest to hell.