June 4, 1987

(Today God lifted me in His Palm, made me feel so small. He asked me to look at Him. I did, and saw a Beautiful Smiling Giant!)

Vassula, look at Me, look at My Face;

(He was smiling in beauty! I felt like a tiny spot in His Palm.)

does it matter to Me? does it matter to Me if you are but a speck of dust, feel how I love you!

(He was Beautiful, and all this is Beautiful!)

I am Beautiful; Vassula, when you think of Me, think of Me as I was on earth with men’s features, your image; think of Me in that way;

But Lord, how do You really look? How and what are Your features?

I am Everything; I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the Eternal, I am the Elixir; love Me;

remain in Me; never fear Me; let this fear, which was wrongly taught by men, be replaced by love; live in Me without fear; fear Me only if you rebel against Me; I am Love; tell them, tell them what an abyss of Love My Heart is!