July 11, 1988


(I have problems to be alone and write. Too many people around.)

O daughter, I, the Lord, love you; come, offer Me whatever you have, even your wickedness and I will transform it into good; I, the Lord, am Divine and anything offered to Me can be transformed by My Divinity; I purify every single deed; I can transform through My Purity everything; Vassula, retreat more often, come to Me even if it is for just a short while;


(I was asking Jesus what would be the first steps for the Roman Catholics and Orthodox to do to start uniting.)

I give you My Peace;

I offer you my will.

be still, and listen; offer Me your will and let My Sacred Heart leap with joy; delight this fervent Heart; offer Me your will, you are offering it to your Father who created you; come, I will answer you; your brothers1 will have to understand and believe that it is I, the Lord, who wishes to unite you; your brothers would have to believe that I am using you as My tablet to write down My desires; they will all have to be willing to come down from those high seats they have procreated for themselves;

My Church of old was pure, humble, and filled with love; My Church of today has been transformed to look like a legion of thrones; they will all have to descend from those high seats and follow the new commandment I have given them; I love My children and they have been driven away by those Cains; they have made a wilderness out of My House where thorns and briars only grow now; Vassula, the time is close at hand; My return is soon; Love will come back as Love; Love loves you;

seek not why I have chosen you to write down My Messages; understand only that I am glorified all the more for having chosen a nothing for this Message of Peace and Love; for the least you are, the greater I am; the lower you are the more inclined I am to bend over you and reach you; be absolutely nothing allowing thus My Spirit to breathe in you; efface yourself entirely so that I can only be seen; gratify Me, soul, by surrendering often, offering Me your will; you are surrendering to Love;

we? us?

Yes! Forever.

1 Roman Catholics and Orthodox.