July 14, 1988

(While I was in Rhodos Jesus blessed many crucifixes and medallions, kissing them.)

peace be with you child; gratify Me and smile at Me when you see Me; ah Vassula they have kept Me only at their entrance … forgetting Me, going back to their minor duties, see?

wake up! at your doors I Am! I am as a beggar; behold your Sovereign begging you as a beggar; I beg you for love; be good! be perfect! love one another; repent often; pray often and not only for your interests; come to Me out of love!

I, the Lord, love you, a love you will never understand, not until you are in heaven; embrace Me, as I, the Lord, embrace you; sin no more…I know your weaknesses, your infirmities; I know your soul; come, come to Me and give Me everything and I will embellish you;

Vassula, tell them that they will know Me better if they open their heart completely and let Me in; I will be among them, listening;

Is that, Lord, when we all meet?

yes; we, us?

Yes, Lord. 1

Vassula, My child;

Yes, St. Mary?

rejoice Me and come up to Me2 with My other children; come and I will bless all of you; I love you;

I bless you.

(Jesus then said:)

remind them how I, the Lord, still call them; I want them to come and approach Me; why withdraw from Love? I am always in My Tabernacle, waiting patiently to see if one of them comes to visit Me; alas! I am still waiting …

beware of Satan who always arranges all sorts of excuses to let you believe they are reasonable and valid; he embellishes them to appear ever so reasonable, stopping you from coming to Me;

I love all of you; make them understand that I do not love you more than them; this, some of them should understand fully; if they read My Message of Peace and Love they would understand; I, the Lord, love you all in the same way; I am repeating this for those who have not yet understood; so come to Me, visit Me; come and drink from Me and you will thirst for more; come and eat Me and you will desire Me more; open your hearts and receive Me; do not let Me stand at your door! welcome Me in your heart, I know your needs; I know your weaknesses; your soul needs Me and only through Me you will enter Paradise; why do you allow your soul to be caught in those nets laid out by My foe?

return to Me, face Me, instruct yourselves by reading My Holy Word; your time spent by reading Me will not be in vain; surely you can give your Saviour an hour of your day?

love one another; be peaceful with each other; forgive, as I forgive your sins; repay evil with love; be good! be perfect! come, Love loves you and Love will never leave you; Love will help you, and will guide you till the end;

1 Jesus was not very happy with the Rhodians.
2 Tsambika Chapel lies on the tip of a steep hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It is famous for its miraculous icon of our Lady. Well known particularly for couples who have difficulties having babies.