July 3, 1988


My Lord?

peace be with you child; My Ecclesia will revive, but before this renewal She will suffer even more; 1 She is in the beginning of Her Tribulations;

here, take a look at My Cup of Justice;

(I looked at a beautiful gold Cup decorated with precious stones; it was full to the brim, if one would move it, it would surely spill.)

see how full it is? it is very near to spill over; it will only pour out on you, creation, revealing the anathema prophesied long ago; you will be plunged into darkness; I will come to you like a thief, unexpected;

I have been giving you warnings, I have been giving you signs to stay alert but you are rejecting them, you are unwilling to acknowledge the End of Times, no matter how much I try to warn you, your disbelief in Me is total; My Warning will be like a purge to convert you and this will be done out of great pity; alas for you, creation! alas for you disbelievers who will intensify your disbelief and turn even more against Me; your spirit enveloped by obscurity will be pulled as in a current by Obscurity himself; 2

creation! how I pity you, how I suffer to see you lost forever; My children in whom I breathed, raising you to life, consecrating you before you were born, return to Me! My Heart lacerates to see how many will be drawn in this current into total obscurity and eternal damnation!

creation, although your sins are scarlet red I am all so willing to forgive you; come, come to Me, return to Me, your Father; I will welcome you and treat you a thousand times more lovingly than the father of the prodigal son; return to Me before My Cup brims over; return before My Justice blows on you, arousing limitless blisters upon you, scorching you and every other living thing around you; you would want to breathe but you will only inhale a scorching wind burning you inwardly and leaving you as a living torch!

creation, understand how imminent this Hour has become, for today you see the trees still blooming, but tomorrow there will be none left; you will be covered by Satan’s smoke, a deadly veil; O do understand that these disasters and calamities are drawn upon you by your evil doings; by your apostasy, and by rebelling against Me; repent now that there is still time, convert now! I am ready to forgive you;

Vassula, allow Me to use you;

Yes, Lord, let everything be according to Your Will.

please Me, obey Me your Lord; I will never abandon you; My Sacred Heart gives you My Peace;

1 Than what she’s suffering now.
2 While saying this, God was in pain and was suffering.