June 8, 1988


I am; I will make you understand what I meant with the expression I had given you a few days ago in one of My Messages; when I said that you should wear My Garments of Old when you meet Peter, 1 that was to tell you that My Gospel is not to change, but that It should be preached as I preached; I added that My Garments are Simple; by this I mean that you should approach and understand the Gospel as a child, with a child-like faith;

today, Vassula, many priests do not believe anymore in My Mysteries so they do not preach the Gospels as they should be preached; they are interested to please your era and meet with your culture; these priests wear ‘new garments’ different from Mine; they should know how much this grieves Me; My Gospel should be preached without errors and My Mysteries are to remain Mysteries;

Thank You, Lord. Glory be to God; amen.

1 Prophecy accomplished in November 2004.