April 30, 1988


I am; I am the Revelations; Vassula, upon whom I am engraving My Words, synchronise with Me to understand Me;

I love you to folly, creation, but you have withdrawn from Me; treason has entered into My Sanctuary, giving birth to Dispersion;

Vassula, try, beloved, to discern Me fully;

(Later on:)


I am;

(Jesus’ Presence is very vivid; it’s as though I’ve gone out of a fog and see Him and feel Him better than the last few days, when Satan had been hammering me. Right now it is as though Jesus is on earth in flesh again, or as though I’ve gone back in time to the days He was on earth. All is alive and it’s wonderful!)

Vassula, all I want is Love; glory be to God for teaching those things to mere children and hiding them from the learned and wise;

(While saying this, Jesus’ Beautiful Head had turned upward. Jesus felt very pleased that I do not try and rationalise all this. He likes us to believe blindly and innocently in a naive manner.)

I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End;

(I felt His Presence so very strongly. God’s “vibrations” were making my whole body and soul “vibrate”; it’s difficult to put this into words. At the same time His Peace was enveloping me; all this put together gives me a wonderful feeling. It was as though I had plunged into a sea of love. I felt transparent. I felt so happy that tears of happiness ran down my cheeks.)

never doubt of My Presence; Vassula, remain now near Me; pray, I will hear you;

(Jesus meant right away in the state He has put me in. I prayed.)

I heard every word;

(I prayed the ‘Our Father’, but very slowly, with my heart, while my tears never ceased, because of the state of happiness I was in.)

come, I and you, you and I, together always and forever; I, Jesus, love you, soul;

we, us;

(Later on:)

Vassula, I am happy to have you near Me; ah Vassula, how many times I feared for you; Satan hates you and is determined to thwart My Plans; in his fury he creates all your agonies; he lies to you, accusing you to bring you to despair; daughter, I had forewarned you of his attacks; blessed one, do not give way to Satan; cling on Me; I am helping you to surmount all temptations; Vassula, remember how Satan approaches you easier if you fall asleep; so be alert child, always on the wake; be on your guard;

By praying, Lord?

yes, by praying: pray, pray, pray;

(Jesus makes me understand that prayer keeps off Satan. Prayers that reach Him.)