May 1, 1988

Vassula, listen to My Voice, and synchronise with Me; reflect on My Absoluteness; 1 lift your mind to Me, your home is in My Sacred Heart; My Holy Spirit aroused you; daughter, everything you discerned is correct;

(When Jesus was saying: “My Holy Spirit aroused you;” I first saw a dove fluttering above some corpses, among them I laid too. Then from Heaven came a beam of Light falling on me, raising me.)

Vassula, are you willing to continue with My Works?

Oh yes, Lord! if You still want me. Remember my incapacity, Lord, and help me. I thank You for having so much patience with me. Thank You for pouring upon me Your gifts which I do not merit. I love You, Lord, to death.

I love you and I bless you, daughter; My Works will enlighten many hidden Works of Mine that received abuses from men; healed and resurrected by Me, stay small so that you can penetrate deeper into My Heart;

we, us?

Yes, Lord; we, us.

1 I should meditate on God’s Omnipotence and God’s Eternity.