April 27, 1988

(These days Satan is constantly attacking me: whispering in my ear that nothing will come out from this Revelation, making me forget all the good it has done already and is still doing. He made me lose my sense of reality; my confidence he took away, throwing it far away. He veiled the love I have for the Lord so that this great love I have for Him appears blemished. He gave me images of the world and of how real it is, whereas how false and unreal is the spiritual world. He gave me agonies and mixed up my thoughts, confusing me. The Lord had warned me. The more His Revelation grows the more Satan’s efforts of stopping everything grow. I know it is Satan since he leaves my soul unconsoled and in despair.)

praised be the Lord! Glory be to God!

(After I read St. Michael’s prayer to Him, and the prayer to our Blessed Mother, St. Michael praised God.)

flower, have faith in Me, pray; Vassula, pray, My Vassula, for the world to open their eyes and hear with their ears; Justice will prevail; perverted creation! even Sodom’s sins will appear less perverted in comparison to yours; her sins are great but yours have pierced eternity! Garabandal shall not be buried; Garabandal’s graces shall re-live!

Jesus, O Jesus! I’m so happy to be synchronising again with You!

come, I, Jesus, have never abandoned you, accept those trials; everything comes from Me;

Vassula, Satan is hounding you, so do not sleep; sleeping leads you into temptation; you become an easier prey for Satan if you are unaware, so be alert; be on your guard; – when you are aware, you feel My Presence; remember My Presence;

(Jesus used to shake me, to wake me up these days when I was attacked by Satan.)