April 18, 1988

(I only thought of Jesus.)

I am, peace be with you, soul; reap what I have given you; teach My children, teach them to cease rebelling against Me, teach them to love each other; pray for the redemption of souls, pray for the World Council of Churches, pray for the Great Return; your era is dead, pray for the renewal of your era, for its rebirth, for a New Era; pray for what My beloved Johannes1 started under the inspiration of My Holy Spirit; 2 My ecclesia will be one, renewed by Me, drawing many souls back into My arms!

My sheep have all gone astray, Satan has brought down his wrath among you, dividing you, splitting you, scattering you, confusing you … Peter! O Peter recognise the End of Times, how is it that most of you cannot tell the Times? shadowed by Satan under his wings, Satan has digressed many of you from the Truth! take My Hand, Peter, and I will guide you; hear My cry, assemble your Eastern brothers, call them to meet Me under My roof; assemble your Eastern brothers into My Foundation; call them before Me; how I desire this Unity! Peter? Peter, if you listen to Me I will summon all nations under My roof; I will sanctify them, renewing them all; I will pour from heaven My dew of Righteousness like rain and My Garden will embellish; I will fill up your storages from My Storages; listen, Peter, to My Voice; My Kingdom is at your very doors; My Kingdom is among you, how is it that you do not recognise it?

Peter, you knew that any kingdom which is divided against itself would collapse; My House has been divided and today It lies in ruin; tell them, beloved, of My Salvation Plan; Peter, free My children;

peace be with you all;

Jesus, my God, are You calling the Orthodox patriarch? Is it him You want, Lord?

yes, My plan is to unite all nations, from East to West, from North to South and bring them all together under My Light, under My wings; all united in one flock under My protection by One Vigilant Shepherd;

I have promised never to forsake you ever and come to you in times of distress; flower, I am keeping this promise; I love all of you and patiently I am waiting for your hearts to open and grasp Me; do not harden your hearts like in the time of Rebellion, open your hearts, I am at your very doors! Wisdom will instruct you, have My Peace;

Glory be to God!
Praised be the Lord!
May Your Kingdom come.

I will feed you My Vassula; we, us?

For ever,

and ever;

1 Pope John XXIII.

2 He prayed for Unity and a Second Pentecost.