April 12, 1988

(Since yesterday in moments of weakness, Satan took advantage of this and attacked me leaving my soul agitated. Immediately, I felt Jesus tightening our bonds; they really look like soft ropes. I felt His whole arm since the bonds were tighter. I felt as if we were some sort of Siamese twins. He used to lean forward, facing me anxiously. I felt consoled.)

I am near you; come, I bless you; I love you, My Vassula; My Eyes never leave you, especially in these moments of weakness; I do tighten our bonds; think, Vassula, I healed you so that the world may see that I am still among you;

Vassula, 1 I healed you to use you; thrusting you out of My arms, yes, out of My arms into the world, as My Net; daughter, allow Me to use you in this way; I pull My Net now and then in, and I delight to find My Net with some catch;

yes, seek My interests and you will understand; I know it is harsh to live in among the world for you no longer belong to the world; I have made known to you your origins, and to whom you belonged from the very beginning, but the evil one had deceived you all along;

you belonged to Me, you come from Me, you are My own, like Abel, who was My seed; having you in the world, the world does not recognise you as their own and because of this they will try to ensnare you; I have you among wickedness and where they will try and destroy you; they will scorn at you and deject you; I revealed to you all these things so that you are prepared before time and to enable you to endure all the trials, all the trials lying before you; I have shown you your cross, but I am with you sharing it with you, you are not alone; I am near you, and in Me you will find your rest; courage, daughter; lean on Me when you are weary and I will rest you and I will console you;

come, smile at Me; do not forget what I have been teaching you; never doubt of My Presence; spread My Kingdom, daughter; I love all of you;

What will give You more glory,
decide for me,

(Our Holy Mother).

Vassula, since you give the Lord this freedom know that He is pleased with you; a better Guide you cannot have; Wisdom will instruct you; be pliant and leave everything into His Hands; it pleases the Lord; lean entirely on God; I love you, be blessed;

I bless You St. Mary.

we, us?

Yes, we, us.

1 Jesus’ tone saddened.