April 7, 1988


I am;

have My Peace, Vassula; realise that I have not brought you all the way here, forming you to abandon you now; I love you all; it is I, the Lord, searching to heal souls and redeem them; O soul! 1 yes it is I, your Saviour, who came to you2 to heal you, beloved soul; it is I, the Lord, who came at your door knocking; O so beloved soul, I have brought you to Me; I am now feeding3 you, come!

approach Me; I will embellish you and purify you; I will heal all your wounds; I will restore you, My child; it is I who came to you, I sought your soul; come and I will console you; come and rest in Me soul; come to Me and eat Me; come and drink Me; hear your Redeemer’s call and your soul will live; I love you, beloved soul; My Blood was shed in Rivers for you, for your salvation;

soul? come and share My cloak, I will shelter you; I will be your Refuge; I am Jesus and Jesus means Saviour;

(Jesus has given this message talking to whoever is reading Him. It is not a coincidence that you are reading His Peace and Love Message. It is He, Jesus, who searched for you, came to you and gave you this message to read.)

enlarge My Kingdom by distributing My Message as you do; it is I who will establish My Works extending My Kingdom; remember I always reach My goals; smile at your Saviour, bless Me;

(I turned around and blessed Jesus.)

I bless You Jesus Christ, I bless You.

I bless you too; synchronise with Me tonight; I was abandoned by My brothers and betrayed by one of them; share My anguishes of Gethsemane, do not abandon Me;

I will not, Lord.

have Me always in your mind, console Me in this way; show Me that you will not abandon Me Vassula; share My agony, share My Cup, be with Me till the end; live My Passion, glorify Me! stay near Me;

Jesus. Yes I will.

(Jesus appeared as though He was re-living it.)

O Vassula! enter into My Sacred Heart, enter into its depths, therein you will find Peace; I, the Lord, have kept a place for you, you belong to Me and I to you, Love will guide you;

Lord, I have given You my heart, You can do what You please with me.

trust Me then; take My Hand, I will not fail you, ever!

Lead me Lord, for You are my guide and God.

come, do not forget Me; bless Beatrice; I, the Lord, bless her; we, us?

Yes Lord, together for eternity.

((Easter) Holy Thursday

I had on Wednesday been to Church and the priest blessed each one with myrrh mixed with oil. We were allowed to dip a piece of cotton in this mixture which was blessed by the Church and take it home.

Beatrice arrived at my place so that we go to Church. Jesus asked me to bless her. So I blessed her with the oil and myrrh I kept. One blesses in this way: while blessing one forms the sign of the cross with the myrrh and oil on the forehead, left and right cheek, chin, hands inside the palms as well as above. The priest had uttered some words about healing of body and soul. Jesus by locution made me understand that He would utter these words.

While later on in Church, sometimes my mind would wander away, because of the language problem. The Greek is classical Greek and I understand next to nothing. To keep my mind from wandering in these three hours was difficult, but Jesus made sure that this would not happen. Every time my mind started to wander away, Jesus would say: “be near Me”, or “keep near Me”. I think He must have told me this ten times or so.)

1 This is a cry for the one who is reading Him now.
2 Here Jesus is talking to the one who is reading His Message.
3 ‘Feeding’ stands for: reading and understanding.