April 5, 1988

glory be to God; will you work with Jesus?

Yes St. Mary. Teach me, please, to obey Him, augmenting my faith, love and hope.

I will; endeavour to be pliant, child; have My Peace; Wisdom will instruct you; leave everything in His Hands, He will not fail you; here is Jesus;

(Jesus was standing on my left side, showing me His foot bound with mine.)

remember those bonds are for Eternity, I am always at your side; come, pray for the redemption of souls; I wish you to meditate upon My Passion, I had been crucified this week, never doubt;

My myrrh, embellish My Church; let no one take away the gift I have given you; I will never ever leave your lamp without oil, I will always fill up your lamp; Ecclesia needs you, My House today is in ruin;

Vassula! you are to rebuild this Old Foundation of Mine, renewing Its walls; renew My Sanctuary; I am the Lord and with My Strength you will rebuild these ancient ruins and embellish My Old Foundation; renew Its walls, and I will call all the dead to life again; I will awake those corpses, rising them back to life; this will be The Great Return, The Great Return to Life, for My radiant dew will embellish you, creation! I will expand My Kingdom and all Heaven will rejoice!

you have neglected My Garden, but I, the Lord who am Its Keeper, love you to distraction and cannot bear to see thorns and briars choking My few remaining flowers; the time has come to clean-up, extirpating those thorns and briars, allowing My buds to bloom, embellishing My Garden;

Justice will prevail; I, the Lord, will let them make Peace with Me; those that are sincere will return to Me, repenting; all you who seek Me and long to know My Ways of Integrity, come, and you will hear My cries from My Cross; I need Love, Love, Love; open your hearts and I will heal you and console you, creation;

Peter, assemble, Peter, all the nations, draw them into My Heart; I call from My Cross, feed all My sheep, Peter; I ask you again, Peter: do you love Me more than these others do? if you do, do not let the Cains convince you, remain steadfast; they will ask you for laws that seem just, to treat every soul as they please; these very laws that are coming from men, do not let them persuade you; remember how I, the Lord, am; I am Meek and Humble; be My reflection;

if they long for Me to come near them, then why do they not hear My Voice? I am at their very doors knocking, why do they refuse to hear? if they long for Me and do not hear Me it is because of their apostasy that has grown as thick as slime; I am here now, waiting for them to open their hearts, but they push Me aside, oppressing Me;

lift up your eyes and you will behold your Saviour, recognise Me! do not tread on My Providential Works, offering no Peace to My children, and so none of them follow you with your own traditions; give them My Peace; do not be surprised at the weak instruments I use to manifest Myself through them; I am God and I choose whom I please;

daughter, rely on Me, trust Me, we us?

Yes, Lord.