April 8, 1988

(Holy Friday)


I am; why did you doubt? 1

ah! all I ask from you is love; love Me and My thirst is quenched! love Me and My Wounds are soothed! love Me and My Spirit will exult in you! love Me and you will defeat My foes! My Spirit is upon you, My child; we, us?

we, us?

Yes Lord. Yes, St Mary. We, us, for ever and ever.

1 I was looking where in the Bible it is written the words Jesus said on March 29 1988 (“I will pour out My Spirit on all mankind”). I found it in Ac. 2:17 and I knew that also it was elsewhere in the Bible, because once Jesus had shown me that passage. I asked Jesus to show me again where it was in the whole Bible. After looking for a while and not finding it, it appeared as though I was looking for a needle in a haystack! I thought maybe Jesus did not hear me, and I said louder, “O Jesus, maybe I should shout, maybe You didn’t hear!” Before finishing my last word, I discovered I was saying these words while I had the right page that I was looking for. It was right in front of my nose. So He said to me, “Why did you doubt?”