March 31, 1988

Vassula, never doubt that it is I, the Lord; fear not; it is I, Jesus;

(I panicked, fearing maybe that all this is not from God. But then how was all this written? I’m confused…)

Vassula it is I, Jesus, your Saviour who saved you and rose you from the dead; come, do not fear … I wish to promote My Church; heresy has infiltrated, thus confusing The Truth and making divisions among you; digressing you from The Truth;

My Church needs vivification; pray for those priests, bishops and cardinals who have nothing to offer My lambs, for this is the result of their digression; they have been and still are inactive, never seeking My interests but their own; they have made inside themselves a desert and they know it; no lamb is attracted by wilderness; naturally any sheep will go astray, wandering because they have no shepherd to guard them; love them, shelter them and feed them;

I have revealed many wonders to the world since the beginning of Times; beloved, since the world rejects My Celestial Works, removing all hopes from you and thus remoting Me, My anger burns against these shepherds; the time is near when I will reveal to them My glory and it shall be shown by a Sign, a grandiose Sign so that they may understand how wrong they were; this Sign will be given to you so that many may believe; pray, for the time is near, pray for the Great Return of Peace and Love;