March 30, 1988

(Today, Satan was desperate and tried very hard to convince me that all these messages were nothing and I should abandon writing, meeting God. I was in need of reassurance for my weakness dragged me down to the bottom. Realising my weakness of doubt, I also fear that God in the end will get tired of me and lose His patience.)

flower, do not fear Me, I will not harm you or deny you, I have not brought you up to Me so that I now push you away from Me, or show any wrath or harshness upon you; I have formed you with tenderness and love; I have led you with love, I fed you with love; I worked with you gently, do not fear Me; come, learn that I am Meek and Gentle; peace upon you, soul; I love you!

Lord, thank You for Your patience and for running to my rescue. I bless You, Lord.