March 13, 1988

My Lord,
thank You for all the graces
You have given me
to be with You
in this special way and so close.

Vassula, these graces were given to you for My interests and for My Glory; allow Me to use you; perceive what your task is; come, I will help you;

Vassula, I willed to inspire you; have faith, My child; I willed to inspire My Johannes1 and ask for a New Pentecost; this inspiration descends from Wisdom, and the New Pentecost I, the Lord, will establish on the very grounds of My Foundation; I will unite you all and under One Shepherd you will assemble, creation, and I will establish My Kingdom therein; My House will reign in Peace and Love and My creation will be born again, returning like children, innocent, without malice; this will be the Great Return, the Rebirth, the Call of the Shepherd, the New Pentecost, like in the beginning when Christianity was still at its early stages, an infant, innocent, without self-interest; ah creation! just wait and see;


Yes, Lord?

feel Me, I am at your side; do you believe this, child, although you cannot see Me with your physical eyes?

Yes Lord, I believe for You have taught me to see You with the eyes of my soul, and feel You too, and hear You and simply believe.

how I love you when I see your eyes searching for Me for I know I have with me a mere child, helpless and a nothing; I pity you, Vassula, to have you among wolves; I will never leave your side; I bless you, child; let Me guide you till the end, yes?

Jesus, You are where I see You, no?

I am, beloved, have My Peace;

us? we, Lord?

yes, we, us;

1 Pope John XXIII, who prayed for a Second Pentecost, was also called the Pope of Unity.