March 16, 1988

I am the Lord, regardless of what you are I will let My Word be established; you are nothing and many times displeasing Me, offending Me; countless times, injuring Me; I have in My Hands Wretchedness, the portrait of your era, but although you are what you are I have forgiven you and placed you in My Sacred Heart; daughter, I am God and Sovereign, Creator of All, the Spirit of Sublime Love, of Fathomless Love;

do you realise how I favoured you? how I rescued you from the Lying Tongue? creature! devote yourself to Me; why let your mind go astray, have you forgotten our bonds? 1

Lord, my entourage is tempting and I am weak.

I desire you to Face Me; do not fear Me! tell Me this:

“glory be to God!
blessed be our Lord!
praised be the Lord!
allow me to walk by Your side,

(I repeated.)

yes, Vassula, do I ever abandon you? I am Faithful to you, am I not?

Yes, You are Lord.

I love you because of what you are not, daughter; I have named you bearer and bearer you shall die; I desire you to live exclusively for Me; your entourage will be Me, just Me your God; allow Me to envelop you entirely, are you willing?

Yes, I am willing without question.

Vassula, do you know what you are telling Me? 2

Yes, Lord, I know.

depend on Me, then; I willed to have you today where you are, and with My Will again I will lift you and fill you so that you will be able to fulfil My Word; together with My servants you will encounter countless trials, but in the end Our Hearts3 will prevail; today, you are My secretary and tomorrow, My bearer; 4

Lord, is it really hopeless for me to improve? I mean, from all what You said, I am still at the beginning?

no My Vassula, do not lose hope; all that you do will not be in vain; I will teach you to attain perfection; have I not said, I wanted you perfect?

Yes Lord, but the way I seem to be today is like I have to go a long way still to reach where Your Heart desires me to be.

am I not your Teacher?

Yes Lord, but it does not appear that You have a good pupil.

you are weak, but My Strength will uphold your falls; so Vassula, what greater than having Me as your Spiritual Director, what better favour than this one?

Thank You for everything You give me, since I merit absolutely nothing.

ah Vassula! I know you do not do these things to offend Me on purpose; your sins are forgotten by Me, like waters which passed away and dried out; I do not look back on your sins nor do I remind you of them; I will let you start afresh; I renew you, beloved; feel the love I have upon you, I accept you as you are; I have given you in your hands the Crowns of Peace and Love and you are to carry those two Crowns, together with the Crown of Justice, offering Them in My own House at My beloved Peter’s feet; 5

Yes Lord, carry me there Lord.

come, I am by your side; together we will restore My House; we, us?

Yes Lord!


come, Vassula; let your Symbol be for you this Holy Word:


child-like faith;

1 My mind did go astray.

2 God wants me to reflect on my answer of involvement.

3 Jesus and Mary’s Hearts.

4 Eight months later, God thrust me out in the world to be His witness, exactly three years after everything began.

5 Jesus was speaking in metaphors, but I did not understand it.