February 1, 1987

Vassula, it is I, Jesus Christ; I love you;

any message bearing blames or harsh words, know that it is not coming from Me; I am love, love, love;

My heart is an abyss of love; the guidance I am giving you is adjusted for you; regard yourself as a toddler who has but started her first steps, no one expects a toddler to walk with confidence and self-assurance; My guidance is for a beginner, I teach you in gradual steps and every step you take with Me I bless; I am your Father, 1 helping you and teaching you My child to walk with Me;

here is My answer to your thought; I love you all in the same way;

You speak of specially chosen souls.

are you not a chosen one? I love you all;

daughter, I have longed to have you near Me; how I longed for you to love Me, how I long for the rest of My beloved children to love Me; I call them; I spend all day and night behind their doors, waiting, hoping for a response; I watch them incessantly, My eyes never leaving them; I watch them filled up with sorrow; if they only knew in what state of poverty their souls are, if they only knew how they are damaging and hurting their souls;

I am near you, I am calling you to come to Me; do not be afraid; I will not reproach you; I do not call you to reproach your sins; I call you to meet Me if it is but for just a few minutes; come to Me, you poor souls come and meet Me and get to know your loving Father; 2 He Himself will feed you with His own Body; He will slacken your thirst with His own Blood; 3 He will heal you if you are sick; He will comfort you if you are distressed; He will envelop you with His love and warm you if you feel cold; do not refuse Me; I am Love and I love you in spite of your wickedness; I say I love you even if you despise Me; I am a God full of pity, always ready to receive you and let you live in My Heart;

daughter, how I pain to watch them slumbering while they are slowly sinking deeper and deeper in vile depths of sin; if they could only know how their iniquities render their souls! I tell you that your life on earth is but a passing shadow, but your life in Heaven is for eternity there; there you will live eternally near your Creator in His glory, for let Me remind you that you are His own children;

Vassula, I will call all those who persecute Me and defile My Name in My following message;

Yes, Lord.

2 Is. 9:5-6: ‘For there is a child born for us (…) and this is the name they give him: Wonder-Counsellor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace.’
3 Look at Jn. 6:48-51.