February 2, 1987

O daughter, all I ask from all of you is love; My Father created you because of love; He gave His only Son because of love; I suffered for you and died on the Cross for love; I saved you from dying because of love; so why, why do some of you hate Me and persecute Me? are you hating Me because of My given Laws; am I preventing you to live free and fall into rebellion? have you perhaps not heard of Me because no one was there to teach you? thus developing your own laws, languishing for earthly wealth and pleasures, following your own inclinations?

children, beloved ones, this is the beginning of your hatred for Me; it is because you do not know Me; come then and meet Me; I am Love, believe in Me; if you tell Me that you do not know Me, I tell you that I knew you before you were born and I have consecrated you; if you tell Me that you hate Me, I tell you I love you; if you have sinned, I have forgiven you; if you have profaned My name, I have shown My Mercy on you; if you have wounded Me, I still love you and offer you to share My Kingdom in Heaven; in spite of your iniquities I forgive you fully;

Vassula, I love you, have rest, I will continue dictating to you later on;

(Later on:)

I am here, it is I, Jesus Christ; let Me dictate to you, daughter, My words; hear Me now and discern Me;

are you fearing Me, are you denying Me because My eyes see through you and can read all that your soul has done? do not fear Me, for I have already forgiven you; My Blood was shed for your salvation;

I was on earth in flesh; I lived among sinners, healing the sick and raising the dead; I have not forsaken you; for I am still among you, healing you; come to Me to be healed, I will raise your souls to Me; I will teach you to love Me and to love one another; if you are weak, My Strength will sustain you; if you are lost, I will be there and show you the Way; My Law is a Law of Love; follow it; by following it I will open your hearts to be able to receive Me;

I will inspire you, I will teach you how to love, how to forgive, how to be holy and live holy; come then, beloved ones, come and learn from Me; I am Love; I am Peace; I am Mercy; I am Meek and Humble; I am Forgiveness; I love you all;