March 3, 1988

Vassula embellish My Church, enter into My Domain barefoot; 1 carry with you My Message; do not look left or right, walk with Me straight to Peter and hand in My Message to Him; 2 I will be near you all the time; I will remind them how I the Lord Am; follow My instructions, child;

Yes, my God.

have faith in Me and remember how I work;

ecclesia will revive and into your Father’s House you will assemble them, blessing them, and I will deliver them from evil and I, the Most High, will be among you, and you will speak from My Mouth; approach your God all you who desire Me and take your fill of My Fruit; 3 come, all those who love Me and follow My Ways;

come and have your fill; eat My Fruit and you will hunger for more; come all those who are thirsty, drink Me and you will thirst for more; whoever follows My Virtues will never feel ashamed; whoever acts as I desire, will glorify Me;

ah Vassula will I ever abandon you? listen again, and I am going to embellish My garden; I will water My orchard, I will irrigate My flower-beds and make discipline shine out; every word will be written by Me; I, the Lord, initiated you in the knowledge of My mysteries for My interests and for My Glory;

Beloved Father, I love You limitlessly. I do!

come, remember, we, us …

1 That means humbly, and poor in spirit.

2 I did it in God’s time. God was asking me an impossible task and I did not know how this would come about. Nevertheless, even this was accomplished later on…

3 This Message.