March 2, 1988

(I recited the three prayers.)

praise the Lord! glory be to God!

(This was St. Michael.)


Love is here; Glorify My Name; revive My Church; restore My House; embellish My garden! cease to do evil!

Ecclesia will revive and Peace will be among you all;

Vassula I want you perfect … be innocent; I love children because of their innocence, they have no malice; come, come and forgive all those who denied you; let their sin be like waters which have passed away; flower, I will embellish your soul to disarm the stone-hearted; give! give! give to them, replace evil by love; be My reflection!

O Peter, My Peter! 1 lead, beloved of My Soul, My flock back into Integrity! Peter? look at Me; look, beloved, into My Face; honour Me, your Lord; Love and Loyalty now meet, Righteousness and Peace are at your very doors now; I rescue all those who cling on Me; I am your Refuge; look around you Peter, have you not seen? have you not noticed? My Eyes have grown weary watching the Cains slaughter My Abels; for I have given them ears but they refuse to hear; I have given them eyes but they refuse to see; their hearts have grown coarse; they seek their glory and not Mine; O Peter how weary I am … Love is missing … Glorify Me Peter! Glorify Me beloved;

(Jesus spoke to Peter full of love. Our Lord sounded so sad and weary, talking to Peter He sounded as if He knew He could rely on him.)

1 Peter is symbolic to the recent Pope. Whenever Jesus utters this name I feel His Heart swell with such Love!!