February 19, 1988



I am;

Thank You for letting me meet so many souls. Thank You for opening the way. Thank You for leading me. Help them, my God, to hear You so that they may be healed.

Vassula, lean on Me; My Hand in your hand, we will proceed;

O era of Wretchedness, how far have you gone! you have gone as far as to believe that you are able to walk without Me; you have gone as far as to believe you are worthy; you have allowed Satan to feed you his vanity; wretched beyond words, sinful and blind, do not allow yourselves to rest; be alert, do not sleep, for the time is near; grow in My Spirit, approach Me with confidence and open your hearts to receive Me;

many of you pray; but your prayers do not reach Me; learn how to pray, let Me feel you; many prayers are spilled on earth, never reaching Me;

You mean lip-service, Lord?

yes, I mean lip service;

I offered you My Word to learn and now I offer you My Message to remind you of My Ways; come and learn, I will replace your wickedness by love; accept My Ways, My Ways of Virtue; era of Unfaithfulness, why have you forgotten My Divine Ways? return to Me your Saviour; I have not forsaken you, and in spite of all your sins I love you; My Heart is an abyss of Love, an abyss of Forgiveness;