February 4, 1988

(Jesus is so distinct this morning. Sometimes I’m so afraid all this might be wrong, that maybe I don’t see Him but just think I see Him. Yet when it’s like this He somehow convinces me it is all exact, to the point.)

Is it really You, Jesus?

I am; you saw Me like I taught you; I will show you My Heart; write what you see and feel in My Presence;

(I feel that these moments I’m in God’s Presence, elated. I do not want this moment to ever leave, I need nothing more, everything around me becomes so meaningless, unimportant. God’s Presence fills up every empty corner. It fills you up and one feels full, complete. I see Him, garbed in the way we know Jesus. My ears could almost hear physically the shuffle of His tunic, His step. Now He is standing on my left side, while I am knelt at my small table, where in front of me is His picture of the Holy Shroud. Then an icon of St. Mary with Jesus as a child. Jesus is two feet away from me. His Holy Face is beauty in Itself. He asked me to look at Him. He showed me His Heart. All His Breast was lit, shining, glowing, out of Love.)

all is correct; everything you discern is correct; O Vassula, My Vassula, how I love you; dearest soul, you may come to Me when you wish; you have seen My Heart;

(I have been praying these prayers for some time in the beginning, but later on I stopped. St. Mary reminded me to continue. Since the reminder I do it regularly. Jesus explains here about how to open the day of writing with these three prayers, because I was not sure whether I had to do it every time before I write, which could be three or four times a day, sometimes just for one sentence; or if He meant once a day, as opening.)

Vassula, assemble My children and read the Message I had dictated to you some time ago; 1 I want you to read It out to them; I love them and among them all I Am; My creation, you are Mine, you are My seed; beloved, I am your Saviour; will you return to Me, will you fall into My Arms? I will forgive your sins, come and eat My Bread, come and taste My Wine; if you repent, I will forgive you; listen to My Heartbeats; every beat is a call for a soul;

Vassula, will you read to them My previous Message and this one?

Yes Lord, I will.

(Later on.)

(After reading a friend’s letter plus a newspaper cutting where it says why Churches and people get very suspicious of ‘revelations’, I understand that it is very difficult for any clergyman to accept this revelation, since there are many frauds and fake ones. Yet I cannot forget how sceptical they were even with Fatima’s Miracle. They are sceptical with Garabandal today and tomorrow they will accept it, maybe too late. Scepticism is too strong.)

Father, I have…2

say it;

…my fears of the Pope’s rejection. Why should he believe me. Why should anyone believe me? If only it had happened to them! Only then…

Vassula, I gave you My Bread and I fed you fruit from My garden; I gave you to eat from My Own Hand; Oh beloved child, who converted you, was it not Me? who taught you to love Me, was it not Me? who sought you and found you dead, among the dead, and bent to lift you to resurrect you, was it not Me? who carried you with Pity to My House to heal and nurse you back to health, was it not Me? who was daily teaching you My Ways, was it not Me? and now who is converting My children? is it not I?

I am your Saviour; Vassula, you are part of Me now; you are unable to survive alone, you need Me; as a branch will not bear fruit on its own, but must be attached to the Tree, so are you with Me; your fruit comes from Me, My fruit feeds many; My Fruit3 is your witness; those that doubt will be able to tell you by your fruit; “a sound tree produces good fruit;”

when My hungered children taste My Fruit and return to Me, repenting with tears in their eyes, I feel happy, how happy I become! I wrench them from the devil’s grip; Vassula, have patience; I have said that My Word is like a rivulet flowing; then from a rivulet it will start rushing into a river, broadening, then it will be gushing and My Word will turn into a vast ocean, an Ocean of Love immersing your hearts with love and Love will be among you as Love;

I have warned you, Vassula, that you will be rejected by many; 4 learn to accept; I was rebuffed by many, and their obduracy made Me weep!

(Jesus was talking to me as one would talk to a child, smiling at the same time trying to persuade me and to show me how difficult He had it too.)

come, you will learn; I love you, I will support you, I will convert many more;

us? we? feel My Presence; you delight Me when you do;

Yes, Lord. I thank You for Your support, Lord.

1 Message dictated by Jesus on October 14, 1986. That Message was meant for the meeting of February 21, 1988.
2 I was hesitating.
3 The Messages.
4 October 23, 1987 and other various times too.