February 3, 1988

Vassula, do you know how much more I love you when you come to Me in this way? you come to Me wretched and on your knees; you expose your heart to Me; your tears My child, your tears of love and longing for Me are a balm soothing My Wounds; O daughter, My myrrh, My remnant, how I love you! your sighs, betrothed, sound like a million words of love to Me; hallowed by My Hand, flower of Mine, do not despair; Abel will not be crushed this time … Abel shall live; yes! make a heaven in your heart for Me; I am weary and need to rest; fragrance Me, flower; soothe Me with your love;

little one, I will clothe you in beauty; I will pardon your sins, and your garments of old shall be no more; you will be embellished, flower; I will renew you entirely; Vassula, I love you; My grace is upon you; here, take My Hand; I am guiding you;

(St. Mary.)

“O Vassula, min amfivalis, Se zitao, tha zissis mono yia to Christo, to Potiri Tou ine ksekhilo me tis amarties tou cosmou, afto ine to telefteo Tou Minima, ean to arnithoun thafisso to Kheri Tou na pessi apano tous, then tha boresso alo na to kratisso, ekhi varini. Avrio Vassula, tha kano to thavma Mou, i ora plissizi;” 1

(In these days, I was taught by our Blessed Mother. I noticed that she was emphasising very much to me the word “Mother”; She was teaching me that She is everyone’s Mother.

The other thing I’ve learned was that Jesus and our Mother are inseparable. Where Jesus is, so is our Mother. Their Hearts are united, and one.

When our Mother speaks of “The End of Times” one should understand it as “The End of one Epoch”. This present epoch in which we are living is an evil and apostate epoch. Therefore, God intervenes.)

conversion is at hand; 2 God’s Kingdom is among you all; keep in mind the End of Times; keep in mind how His Message will heal His Body and unite It; keep in mind how Jesus’ Plan of Salvation will redeem millions of souls; His Message of Peace and Love will draw Our children back to Love; Jesus converts them as soon as they taste His Bread, it is the fruit of Love; Love will restore you all, Love and Mercy will untangle you from Satan’s impious nets; come, beloved, do God’s Will; I am always near you; I have blessed you for remembering Me;

would you do this for Me? have My Peace; 3

1 Editor’s Note: translation of Greek text: “O Vassula, do not doubt; I am calling you; you shall live only for Christ; His Cup is brimming over with the sins of the world; this Message is His Last Warning; if they will refuse it, I shall leave His Hand fall on them; I would not be able anymore to hold it – it has become heavy; Vassula, I shall do My Miracle soon – the time is getting close;”

2 In other words: the renewal of the Church.

3 That same evening, if the Devil was allowed to produce physical injuries on me he would have killed me. He tortured my soul again, hating me.