Above to the right, a colour image from the Shroud as it appears naturally (unreversed) showing the reddish colour of the bloodstains.


Your scientists, to give proof to your incredulity with regard to that evidence of My suffering, which is the Shroud, explain how the blood, the cadaveric perspiration and the urea of an overfatigued body, when mixed with the spices, can have produced that natural drawing of My dead, tortured Body.

It would be better to believe without the need of so many proofs to believe. It would be better to say: “That is the work of God” and bless God, who has granted you an indisputable proof of My Crucifixion and of the tortures preceding it!

Let it be known that any image of Mine or of My Mother is to be honoured, for it represents Us, as My Cross is representing Me. Let it be known that My Holy Shroud is indeed authentic; It is the same that covered Me. (October 2, 1987)


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