January 8, 1988

(My desire and longing for God was immense.)

honour Me by desiring Me, Vassula; seclusion will develop you mystically, drawing you closer to Me; it will enable you, beloved, to penetrate still deeper into My Wounds; in the second event, I will supply you with all what your soul lacks, intensifying My Works upon you; do not doubt; I will lift you to Me; I have chosen for you this road which leads all My beloved souls into My Passion, turning them into vivid images of Myself;

come now, I will remind you of My Presence since you are unable; yes?

I was going to say that I know I’m incapable. I’ve got nothing good. I fully depend on You, Lord, to give me out of Your boundless Mercy all what I lack.

yes, understand that all the good is from Me;
come, us, we?

Yes, Lord.