December 19, 1987

I am Love;

tell them, tell them, Vassula, that sincerity will conquer evil, humility will debilitate the devil, love will unmask Satan;


Fatima’s shrine cries out for amendments! come back to Me, creation! come and recognise Me, creation; come and pray to Me; sin no more; believe in Me and do not doubt; come and repent, come and receive Me; be holy, Vassula; O Vassula, bring back My creation to Me! Altar! I will pour into you My Flame, enflaming you with Love; you are to seek My Interests glorifying Me; do not be like the others who seek their glory and grandeurs;

Lord, I said and say again, I will only seek Your interests, Lord, and that which brings more glory to You. Take my will. I have surrendered.

yes, Vassula, satisfy My thirst; treat Me as King; honour Me, your God; never rebel against Me; sanctify your body to honour My Presence in you; beloved, come, all that is hidden will soon come to light; My Divine Hand will lift the cover and I shall reveal to you all that has been hidden; Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima and My reign will reign forever for I Am; I am the Alpha and the Omega;

how I love you creation! My own, My children, beloved come, come in My open arms; come back to your Father!

(God’s Voice was full of love. He was almost begging.)

I love you;

listen, Vassula, when you will be among My Abels I will be among you; I will whisper in your ear My instructions; I have Bread to offer; My Bread is Holy; I have used only a small amount of yeast from My storages, and it was enough to leaven all the dough; this dough that is My New Bread now, so get rid of your old yeast; it has lost its effect, beloved ones, come and use My new yeast, renew yourselves altogether into a new batch of bread, attractive to the palate which will draw My lambs feeding them; honour My Bread which I sanctified; My Bread of Sincerity, Truth and Love; let Me rejoice, beloved; let My lambs taste My New Bread; distribute It among them and let the hungered masses eat; allow them to be full; I will not be convinced by the arguments of the wise; they will not impress Me so do not let them impress you either, daughter; My intention is to bring back My scattered lambs; bring them back to Love;

sign My Name,