December 11, 1987


I am;

Jesus, why is it that the media believes easier than the priests, theologians etc. Remember when You asked me the question, Lord?

I remember;

When they read the first book they want to read the rest, then most of them, after reading the first book, they kneel and pray. Even some who never prayed before in their life, it’s wonderful!

Vassula, My children are hungry; when they see My Bread, they seize It to appease their hunger; if they want more, they come to Me1 for more and I offer them all I have;

But Lord, it happened once or twice that those that read it because of their joy wanted to share it with a priest, thinking they too will feel happy, but to their disappointment the priest showed no interest. In fact, they discouraged them.

Vassula these are the ones that wound Me and pierce Me through and through; I suffer intolerably to see My own reject Me; they have nothing to offer My lambs;

Still Lord, in spite of the negative attitude and lack of enthusiasm from the priests, they are not discouraged, because they do find peace in finding You again. But they feel bitter that it should be this way, especially when they find out that they knew nothing about the apparitions and wonder why the Church does not speak more of this. One of them commented that these things are kept low and only in their circles.

yes, Vassula, My sacerdotals are repressing My Works of today; daughter, I have said and say again that they hold the key of knowledge, and neither do they go in themselves nor do they let anyone in who wants to! they are blocking The Way with scepticism, doubts and bigotry, I have lost them as children, their wisdom has blinded them losing their way to Me;

– beloved, sacrifice all2 that you have now and pray with Me;

Yes, Jesus.

let peace be what they will discuss,
forgive their insincerity,
Father do not stand aside if they will persecute me
come, come to my defence, 3 be at my side,
enlighten them and teach them,
let them see their errors,
you are Righteous,
shine on them instead,
to praise you and say,
‘Great is our God Most High
who wants to see His children at Peace,
praise the Lord who descends to unite us,
praise the Lord who comes to announce His Works of today’;

come, beloved, meet Me later on; remember now My Presence; I love you, daughter;

Yes Lord, I will remember.

(Later on:)

flower, never doubt that it is I, Jesus, your Saviour; behold and look back where I had found you; 4 I found you in wretchedness where so many of My children still are! come, Vassula, do you see this crucifix?

(Jesus meant the crucifix, a wooden of olive tree from Jerusalem, and which was now near me and on the notebook. It is the one that does not leave my hand during the night.)

yes, My Vassula; take it in your hand now; lift it to My lips; yes, lift it;

(Jesus so sweetly kissed it when I lifted it to His divine lips.)

will you kiss it too?

(I did.)

lift it now; I blessed it… I love you all, beloved ones;

1 In prayer to Him.
2 To leave for this time my housework, which is very behind, my son’s meal, my husband who is severely ill with perhaps hepatitis; I was getting ready to go.
3 To defend His Word, not me.
4 A quick image of the past was given me.