December 1, 1987

I have chosen you to show the world how Merciful I am; finding you where most of My children still are, if I had not come to fetch you, you would be today still where the rest are; I come out of My boundless Mercy to warn you, likewise to draw you to Me and remind you of your foundations;

(I start to understand that this Message for Peace and Love among God’s creation and the uniting of the Church, will be one of God’s last attempts before enflaming His Justice upon us.)

how well you understand Me now, daughter; do you fear Me?

(God must have felt in me a fear of what He might do if we do not change.)

I do, My God, after the vision You showed me.

I have showed you only part of it; 1 Vassula, My creation has to be warned; do not let the same mistakes be repeated;

Like when, Lord?

when I gave them My big Miracle at Fatima, I warned then My creation, but they paid little heed to My warning; they spent their time instead doubting, arguing, never diffusing My Mother’s words properly, so that very few knew of the urgency of the Message; they have blood-stained their hands from their crime, dragging with them so many souls;

I shall remind them of their sins of the past, 2 I will remind them the urgency of Garabandal’s Message;

why doubt of My Works? pass on to My creation My warning; tremendous reparations are to be made; My creation has to be warned and to believe in Me; remind them of My Love, 3 propound My Word, promote Me … promote Me, do not remote Me! now you are remoting Me, you are not protecting Me! declare openly My Works of the past and of the present, I am Omnipotent;

the thorns in My Head are all those sacerdotal souls who hold the key of knowledge, neither do they go in themselves nor do they let others in who want to! these are My thorns! those thorns now should find Me and repent; their hands are still, with fresh blood from the past, responsible for all the crimes and atrocities; I want them to repent, they defied My Mother’s Message of Garabandal, never diffusing It like It should have been, ignoring its urgency; O4 what have I got, Vassula! stones, their hearts are petrified; accept the Truth! open your hearts! Garabandal is the sequel of Fatima! do not repeat your errors!… – Peter! 5

Peter be My Echo! feed My lambs Peter, do not deny Me again, beloved;

(When the Lord said: “Peter, be My Echo! feed My lambs Peter, do not deny Me again beloved;” I could have died there and then, the way I heard Him say it.)

come, let Me help you; rest in Me;

(I felt so moved, I wasn’t myself anymore. Jesus was trying to sustain me. When I recollected myself, I said:)

Jesus, I will describe now: God was begging. He said it in a begging voice.

yes, yes, Vassula, out of Love;

I love You, My God. How could I see You and hear You as sad as this, without wanting to die a million deaths? If I had 1000 lives I’d give each one, one after the other for Your Glory, healing Your Wounds.

My Wounds will only heal when My creation will return to Love, accept Me as Omnipotent and unite; come, let us share My sorrow;

Jesus, I wish I could do much more to make reparations and glorify You.

stay near Me and I will share all I have, with you; come;

1 Meaning all the worst is hidden.
2 Apparently God reminds us of our sins only if we have not asked to be forgiven and repented. Once this is done, forgiveness is granted and God never reminds us of our old sins again.
3 Including God’s actual Messages of Peace and Love.
4 God saddened beyond description moaned…
5 God cried out in a loud Voice as to someone who is far away and would not hear… then God seemed to beg…