December 2, 1987

Garabandal’s Message is authentic and should be diffused and honoured; sanctify Garabandal; can you not see or understand that your errors are being repeated? you are repeating your errors of Fatima; O creation, when will you believe in Me? “ie emphanises itan”; 1

My God, to hear and feel You in such sadness is terrible.

Vassula, comfort Me;

Oh come Lord, I want to comfort You. I wish every soul knew so that they comfort You Lord and so You will be comforted by many.

if they love Me they do;

come, I will remind you that I, Jesus, will stand in the midst, between Cain and My Abel; Cain will face Me this time, instead of his brother; if he raises his hand to strike, he will have to strike Me; he will be stripped and will find himself naked facing Me, his God;

My Abel, My well-beloved Abel, 2 thou shalt live this time; your blood will not be shed; and My fragrance will embellish My garden, this very garden that My Abel’s blood was shed in; come, flower, I will remind you of My Presence, stay alert;

1 In Greek: “the apparitions were” (were there).
2 God said it in such a tender way that only He can speak in that way; no one else.